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Enrollment Forms

Mandatory Enrollment Forms

Thank you for enrolling/re-enrolling your child at OVCA. Please complete all mandatory forms below to finish the registration process.

Please direct inquiries to the school office or Contact us.

  • OTC Medications

    For Prescription and Non-prescription Medications
  • Consent & Policy Agreement

    Permission to participate in school activities that are appropriate for their age. Examples are using playground equipment, pep rallies and assemblies, participation in Physical Education class, and walks around the neighborhood (in strollers for infants).
  • Technology Policy & Consent

    This form must be filled out for each child enrolling in the Academy and will apply throughout the child's duration at OVCA. A new form must be filled out if any changes are necessary.
  • School Records Release

    All students entering Kindergarten - 12th grade must submit this form. Requesting parents must provide their information. By doing so, you effectively permit OVCA to order your child's records from their previous school.
  • Community Service Log

    This field is for 9th - 12th grade ONLY. Complete the log for each volunteer experience and turn it in to the administration at the end of the school year. A minimum of 10 hours is required.
  • Short Term Rx (optional)

    (10 Days & Under) Medication Authorization Form
  • Long Term Rx (optional)

    (Over 10 Days) Medication Authorization Form
  • Parent Service Contract

    Ocean View Christian Academy (OVCA) promotes missions to all our students and families throughout the year as one of our Core Values. One way, parents are encouraged to model missions to their students is to give back to our school through volunteer hours. OVCA parents are asked to volunteer 10 hours per school year, per family at events throughout the year. If you are unable to volunteer then we require a $250 fee to opt out. If the volunteer hours form is not completed by September 30, 2022, the family will be billed $250. Volunteer hours form can be found below for completion during back-to-school week in August. Families who start school during the school year will receive a prorated hours or buy out price based on month of entry.

    Parents, complete ONE of the forms below based on your family’s choice of volunteer hours or buy-out: