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Faculty & Staff

Our Team

Our team and staff at [OV] Academy are amazing with students because they are called and caring, highly qualified, and passionate about helping each student reach their full potential in Christ.

Daniel Mackey

Head of School

Missy Fentress

Upper School Director

Amanda Crews

Lower School Director

Krystina Cromwell

Preschool Coordinator

Faculty & Staff

Jadena Allen

Preschool Substitute

Amaris Babitz

Pre-K4 Teacher

Andrew Bartley

Music Teacher

Ezra Bolling


Lisa Boulden

Upper School Math

Katy Campbell

Accounting Specialist

Christine Carlson

Infant Aide

Dusty Carney

After Care Aide & Substitute

Tiffany Carpenter


Charlene "Cookie" Chinworth

Director of Facilities & Programming

Nick Coffman

Katie Dininny

Katie Dininny

Executive Assistant

Micaiah Dorsett

Preschool Aide

Candace Duffourc

Pre-K 3 Teacher

Tanika Etheridge

First Grade Teacher

Tina Figueroa

Infant Teacher

Donnie Gilmore

Director of Operations

Michaela Glemming

Assistant Preschool Coordinator

Connie Greenawalt

Administrative Assistant

Debbie Hansen

Preschool Substitute

Jenny Herbst

Kindergarten Teacher

Coach Aaron Irwin

Physical Education Teacher
Natalya Kruglyk

Natalya Kruglyk

Toddler Teacher

Frances Lawrence

Preschool Aide

Briana Lombardi

School Counselor

Lydia Mackey

Pre-K2 Teacher

Keiry Martinez

Upper School Science

Doug McFee

Safety Coordinator

Jacqueline McKoy

Lower School Aide

Heather Meadows

Upper School History

Cindy Pardy

Upper School English

Donald Pennington

Fourth Grade Teacher

Sarah Phillips

Art Teacher

Keegan Pykiet

Pre-K 2 Teacher
Sara Quintero

Sara Quintero

Preschool Aide

Pedro Quintero

Fifth Grade Teacher

Liliana Rodriguez-Santana

Spanish Teacher

Linda Scott

Preschool Aide

Mariah Shealor

Second Grade Teacher

Dorothy Shultz

Pre-K3 Teacher

April Sitte

Pre-K4 Teacher
LaVonda Wright

LaVonda Wright

Preschool Aide

Maria Wright

Lower School Aide & Aftercare Coordinator

Carol Yeatts

Third Grade Teacher